I'm Arnd and I coding.


Turned my passion for software engineering into a technical career.

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Engineering
2007 – 2011

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Major:  Mechatronics
  • GPA:  1.6
  • Thesis: Enhancement of a powertrain simulation model in Matlab/Simulink used to calculate a vehicle's fuel consumption.
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Master of Science
2011 – 2014

  • Mechatronics
  • Major:  Electrical Drives
  • GPA:  1.6
  • Focus: DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters, AC-motor controls with V/f and field-oriented design, linear drives, power electronics.


Working on innovative software and technology for the automotive industry.

Robert Bosch GmbH

Security Engineer
2019 – present

Working on a joint project for the development of a SAE level 4/5 automated driving system. Responsible for the security test concept design based on the overall system-of-systems architecture with focus on risk mitigation against cyber attacks. This includes the analysis of security threats against sensors and autonomous drive controller components with software, hardware and communication scope.

Bosch Engineering GmbH

Software Engineer
2017 – 2019

Worked on adaptive cruise control systems with radar and camera data fusion in the field of driver assistance systems. Developed and maintained radar software components related to digital signal processing, vehicle dynamics estimation, object classification and situational analysis. Firm knowledge in the analysis of vehicle measurements with focus on identification of target object loss reasons and object type classifications.

Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH

Software Engineer
2016 – 2017

Worked on a project for the development of a novel automotive lidar sensor. Developed road lane and border extraction algorithms in C++. Implemented a test environment to analyze the detection performance using OpenCV. Experimented with the design and implementation of signal processing algorithms.

Robert Bosch GmbH

Software Engineer
2014 – 2016

Worked on a project for the development of a 48V electrical boost recuperation machine. Implemented software requirements in Matlab/Simulink under consideration of the V-model specification and ISO-26262 compliance. Verified algorithms in Simulink and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations. Performed tests by analyzing code coverage, runtime and controls.

Robert Bosch LLC

 United States

Conducted a business case study in the field of rapid prototyping for flexible engine control. Designed a gasoline engine control interface implemented in Matlab/Simulink to set and monitor engine speed or load through fuel injection and ignition based on driver's demand. Tested the developed environment on target sensors and actuators at the customer site.


Gained profound knowledge in multiple areas over the past years.


Software Engineering

Expert • 18 years

Coding has been my passion for long. Why? It is fun to give computers the ability to make decisions. It is all about improving human life by creating great products. I am a firm believer in object-oriented programming and agile development methods.

C / C++
Matlab / Simulink
HTML + JavaScript

Automotive Technology

Advanced • 8 years

I work as a security engineer in the field of urban automated driving. This technology triggers the next automotive revolution and offers new mobility services to be explored. I am dedicated to actively being part of this exciting evolution.

Environment Perception
Situational Analysis
Electrical Drives
Gasoline Controls

IT Experience

Proficient • 10 years

Being a software fanatic, I have experimented with various Internet-related technologies. I discovered my deep interests in web services and information security. Credo: You are the only owner of data that you consider private. That's the reason for mysql-Netchat.

Linux + macOS
Server Administration
Information Security
Data Privacy


Go jQuery CSS Bootstrap PHP SQL
OpenCV Qt Git Scrum Bash Debian Gentoo


Check out my work related to software engineering on GitHub.

Birdview: Image perspective transformation and text recognition with OpenCV


Image perspective transformation and text recognition with OpenCV.

Netchat-P2P: Messenger with peer-to-peer communication and crypto support


Messenger with peer-to-peer communication and crypto support.

Netchat-MySQL: Messenger with database management and symmetric encryption support


Messenger with database management and symmetric encryption support.

Snake: Implementation of the classic mobile game running on the Qt library


Implementation of the classic mobile game running on the Qt library.

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